The satisfaction of customer needs and the continuous improvement of the competitive position in the market guide Jofel’s management.

Jofel’s management policy seeks to increase product quality, streamline customer service, improve health and safety conditions in the workplace and preserve the environment, all of which improves the company’s efficiency and results. In order to optimize the use of resources and meet customer expectations, it has a quality management system.

The fundamental pillars of the company’s quality policy are:

RESPONSIBILITY: The entire organization is responsible for customer satisfaction, understanding their current and future needs, satisfying their requirements and dealing with their claims quickly and diligently, trying to exceed their expectations.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OF PROCESSES, both at a productive level, as well as management and support, attending to external and internal communication, building customer loyalty and working in a mutually beneficial relationship with the supplier.

DECISIONS BASED ON DATA AND INDICATORS, in order to direct our actions to the fulfillment of the established objectives,

CONTRIBUTION of ideas by all company personnel to support improvements in quality, processes, service and customer service,

RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, adapting the processes to the applicable legislation and regulations, working to minimize the use of energy resources, emissions into the atmosphere, water consumption and purification of our discharges to the maximum.

SAFETY at work as an essential condition, creating a culture of prevention based on the identification, evaluation and control of risks. Prevention planning will seek a coherent set that integrates the technique, work organization, working conditions, social relationships and the influence of environmental factors at work.

LEGAL COMPLIANCE from the technical department, projects are developed within the legal frameworks corresponding to each type of product with the advice of external entities.

The Management is committed to disseminating this policy, leading and involving all staff, the essence of the organization, in a responsible manner in meeting the objectives.

Jofel Industrial Steering Committee

June 15, 2022

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