JOFEL, apart for its wide and complete range of soap, gel and foam dispensers – with its corresponding cartridges, bags or in bulk — and completed with the Mix Compact System (Aitana Dispenser with interchangeable dispensers), launches a new version:

<<Bottle/Dispenser, with a pump, 500‑ml sanitising hydroalcoholic gel>>

Easy to handle and place, it dispenses the amount of gel recommended by the WHO for cleaning and sanitising the hands. Additionally, it nourishes and moisturises the skin providing a pleasant fresh feeling. Since it contains emollient agents, it can be used as much as wanted, as it is antiseptic and does not harm the skin. It provides the maximum comfort, as water is not needed for washing or rinsing. It washes, cleans and sanitises in one easy action.

It features a built-in pump dispensing 2.5 ml with each pressing, offering 200 doses per bottle, packed in 24‑unit boxes.

Recommended by the WHO to prevent and protect from the transmission of coronavirus.

Certifications: UNE-EN 1040:2006 – ENAC ESSAY No. 648/LE 1286.

                                 UNE-EN 1050:2013.    

                                 Registration in the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products) in process.

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