JOFEL  International Strategic Planning includes different actions which aim to open up new markets, such as the development and planning of the export commercial strategy, the wide range of products, the well-known quality of its products and the continuous launches of new devices including the latest technology, focusing on energy saving and on environmental protection. 

At present, JOFEL products are sold in over 80 countries in all five continents, and more than 80% of these sales take place in the international markets. The efforts that the company has made throughout the years have been rewarded with certifications of prestigious international organisations, which confirm that JOFEL products comply with the most exigent rules and exceed security and quality standards.

Recently JOFEL has received two new certifications: GMARK an UL. The first one, GMARK, is used in the area of Middle Orient, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and the second one, UL certification, is used in the US and Canada.

This recent achievement in the field of certifications supports the hard work JOFEL has carried out to enhance and develop international markets.

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