JOFEL has gone one step further in its evolution and development by joining BIM platform through BIMOBJECT, worldwide leader present in most of the developed countries. Jofel presence in this platform will increase constantly and its products will be progressively included to complete the full commercial catalogue.

BIM platform is one of the latest ICT within worldwide technology, which provides essential support to architects, engineers, building companies, consultancy firms, decorators and interior designers, etc. It makes their work easier and reduces considerably their workload, as these professionals can download in 3D the devices of the catalogue and transplant them to their projects and plans with the maximum fidelity and quality. In what concerns JOFEL, it is possible to work with a wide range of programs, specifically with ten, what presents a great advantage, with three degrees of definition available : 100, 200 and 300, multiplying the possibilities.

This platform also allows downloading different documents such as: Technical data sheets, plans, heights, product characteristics, certifications, related products, etc.

JOFEL is constantly in evolution, and this new work collaboration methodology is an important improvement. It is extremely useful for the creation and management of building or prescription projects.

You can click on the link below to discover JOFEL’S products published at BIMOBJECT cloud:


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