JOFEL, with the aim of further development of its Strategic Plan, has extended the existent wide range of high-performance hand dryers, launching the “Power Plus”. It is an optical sensor operated hand dryer, which responds to the current demands of the market, as it includes two key features: reduced dimensions and high speed of drying. Small spaces and the high traffic of people are some of the aspects that condition the characteristics that any new hand dryer must have.

“Power Plus” meets these requirements, and adds important new features that make it a benchmark in this sector.

This new device, containing some distinguishing characteristics, represents a qualitative leap in the development of hand dryers: small size, lightness (less than 2.3 kg), drying speed of over 500 km/h with options of hot air or air at room temperature, low consumption, HEPA anti-bacterial filter, low noise, anti-vibration system, black or white versions, insulation and IP23 degree of protection, in addition to other important differentiating features.

The new anti-bacterial HEPA filters have become a benchmark in terms of safety and protection for the appliances containing them and for their environment, such as the “Power Plus” and other Jofel products, and therefore, for the places where they are installed. Their effectiveness in drying hands in the current situation has been proven, preventing contamination and the spread of the virus. The “Power Plus” marks the beginning of a new trend in hand dryers, which Jofel is joining with this new launch.

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